American Airlines pilots say passengers should be safe while flying in Boeing's uncomfortable 737 Max 8 jets because they are safe. The planes are due to two fatal accidents in recent months. (March 28)

American Airlines interrupts flights in early June due to the continued smoothing of the Boeing 737 Max, a step that will affect 90 flights a day.

The airline had previously canceled 90 daily flights through April 24 to account for the temporary loss of 24 Max 8s. The Federal Aviation Administration based the aircraft on March 13, because the latest model of Boeing's 737 workhorse was involved in two fatalities in less than five months.

US proactively said to cancel flights through June 5, giving the airline's time and more flight choices to re-order affected passengers, reducing last-minute flights. The Americans have 6,700 daily flights.

Southwest Airlines, slammed for a lot of last-minute flights since the Max 8 foundation, took a similar move on March 29, when it decided to keep its 34 Max 8s out of its flight plan through at least May.

American has 24 of the planes in his fleet.

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An American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Taxis next to departure from Miami International Airport in February 2019. (Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren for the United States today)

American CEO Doug Parker had suggested there were more flight cancellations.

The airline said affected passengers will be notified by phone or email and notes that it does not only cancel flights scheduled on Max 8.

The airline's Max 8 flights were concentrated in Miami and canceled these flights will affect this operation too seriously. Instead, the airline cuts frequencies on other routes and uses aircraft released on previous Max 8 routes.

Travelers whose flights are canceled are eligible for reimbursement if they do not wish to rebook, regardless of the type of ticket they purchased

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