Given that AmazonBasics-branded products for all kinds of things, including engine oil and dog beds, we can not be too surprised that there's an AmazonBasics microwave with Alexa built in. This microwave, regularly priced at $ 59.99, has dropped to $ 41.99

As far as microwaves go, this one isn't particularly powerful at 700W, and it's on the smaller than 0.7 cubic feet. But for $ 41.99, you can't really complain. Plus, the Alexa integration means that you can say things like "Alexa, reheat one cup of coffee," or "Alexa, defrost corn," and the microwave will know which settings to apply. Amazon also seems way too proud that the microwave can auto-reorder popcorn with a 1

0% discount, but if you have a lot of popcorn, it could be an important consideration.

This is the first time that this microwave has been discounted , and a 30% discount is pretty good on a cheap microwave. Note that an Echo device is necessary for Alexa to be used. Hit the link below to pick one up.