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AEW Fyter Fest results: Live updates, recap, characters, matches, cards, start time, highlights

It may not have the hype of Double or Nothing, but the other event presented under the All Elite Wrestling banner is still important. Coming from a much smaller venue at Daytona Beach Ocean Center, the first incarnation of Fyter Fest will constitute almost all of the company's stars, just not in its main stories, as it builds up to its next major event, All Out.

Fyter Fest is held together with CEO Gaming, and it is the second consecutive year that Kenny Omega collaborates with the gaming event company for a wrestling show. Omega, a big fan of video games popular in this community, led the way to this show both in reality and in the story, which comically played the erroneous Fyre Fest musical event.

CBS Sports will be with you all the way Saturday night update this story with the latest results from the show. See and strike AEW Fyter Fest live . We will classify each match as it does. Be sure to check out the entire map below and the update will result in the bottom of the post.

Listen to our audio preview of AEW Fyter Fest (1

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AEW Fyter Fest match card

  • Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela in an unused match

AEW Fyter Fest results, ratings

Updates starts at the end of the first match.

Best friends def. Private party (via pinfall) and SCU (The Buy In): The winners of this match will earn a shot at All Out for a first round at the team's team championship tournament. A beautiful shooting star pressed by Marq Quen of Private Party got the first near the fall and drew a light song from the crowd. He later turned out of an attempt at German suplex from the top rope and assisted in a hurricane cutter for another close count. With Quen out of the ring after a failed dive and SCU knocked out, the best friends took advantage of Isiah Kassidy, who hit Strong Zero for 1-2-3. Perfect opening match for the show with non-stop action and a few highlight moments. The dark order appeared on the big screen after the battle to challenge the best friends. Suddenly the lights went away and the group surrounded the ring area; Then the lights went back and they were all gone. The post-match story was unnecessary at the moment and really cooled things in the arena.

Fyter Fest errors: Fyter Fest mockumentary storyline continued on the show with The Young Bucks complaints about accommodation, while bikini models stationed on stage were replaced by plastic dolls. Later backstage, Omega was shown with wires and a piece to a drum kit only to be told it was not necessary.

Allie def. Live Bates via pinfall (The Buy In): The double librarian gimmick also continued with Bates and Peter Avalon sushing each other and the crowd as they hit the ring. Avalon tried to help Bates all the battles, but turned out to be more distracting, including when he threw a book in the ring like a foreign object late. Allie caught it instead and threw it to Bates, who was caught with a super kick and attached. It was good for Allie to get a victory in front of her fight with Brandi Rhodes next month, but that was no other purpose. Rating: D

Michael Nakazawa final Alex Jebailey via pinfall in a hardcore match (The Buy In): The action in this was weak, as one might expect, as the participants are largely a comedy and an amateur (that's fine). That said, credit Jebailey for punishment, including a spear from Nakazawa from the ring gown and into a table waiting for the ring side and a kendo sticks to the back. Nakazawa took a dangerous and botched German suplex on top of the head but was fortunately OK. Jebailey then poured some LEGO-like buttons on the canvas and back body, Nakazawa dropped them, but only got two counts after a cradle; Nakazawa turned it over to win. Let's move on with our lives after one. Grade: D-

CIMA def. Christopher Daniels via pinfall: After some good back and forth actions, including some time out of the ring, CIMA hit Daniels with a hanging backbreaker, powerbomb from the top rope and a meteora to the victory. It was a nice opening match, but nothing spectacular, and the fireway would probably have been a better choice. Rating: C

Riho def. Nyla Rose (via pinfall) and Yuka Sakazaki: Rose played right to her size against two less diminutive competitors. Yuka hit a 619 on Rose and followed with a double stomp from top rope, but didn't even get two counts. Rose eventually caught Yuka into a side frame, but her nonchalant cover only resulted in two counts; She then hung Riho over the top rope and delivered a sick flying knee strike from top rope for the moment of the night to the point, but did not even attempt a pinning attempt. Yuka gave just enough distraction to slow down so she would miss a senton from the top rope. Riho and Yuka both climbed top ropes to splash Rose, but she caught both competitors who pulled her down and got 2.7 counts on a double pinfall attempt. Riho eventually rolled up Rose with an interesting single-leg cradle to pick up the surprise win. Rose attacked Riho after the match, but Yuka rescued her. This match started slowly and roughly, but all three competitors were quite entertaining over the last five minutes. Grade: C +

Hangman Side vs. MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jungle Boy: Side and Jungle Boy were by far the most everywhere in the match, although MJF got some early heat with a promo calling the fans present "nerds". When MJF and Side went head-to-head, MJF went after Pages' damaged left knee and was going to mock Bret Hart with a sharpshooter when Page stopped him and put it in the same way. MJF hit a Heatseaker on Page, but Jungle Boy broke the counter. Side tried to hit a Buckshot Lariat on MJF, but nailed Havoc instead when MJF dodged out of the way; he then followed Dead Eye on Havoc for the victory. Entertaining battle that told a solid story all the time and put Side – and continued its feud with MJF – as we are still awaiting his AEW world title fight with Chris Jericho in two months. Grade: B

Cody vs. Darby Allin ended in a time limit drawing (20 minutes): This was a fun pairing that Allin's fast-paced athletic style added to the excitement of excitement for what was otherwise a slow and plodding match. Cody aggressively wrestled the whole bout and dominated most of the action until Allin hit a springboard tornado and ball-like dive through the ropes that Cody soon met in the wild. Allin nailed Cody with a sunset flip powerbomb, and Cody reacted with an inverted superplex. After biting Cody's hand, Allin tried an elbow trap on the ring apron; Cody avoided it by rolling into the ring, and Allin landed flat on his back in a brutal result. Back in the ring, Cody completely hit a body bag, which Allin actually brought to the ring. He hit him with a disaster kick while he was in the bag and then unpacked it to the pinpoint attempt in an unnecessary place that really slowed down an interesting finish. At that time, over time ticking, Cody removed his weight belt and hit Allin with it. Cody then hit a Cross Rhodes on Allin, but the time ran out when the referee counted three.

When the crowd chanted for AEW to restart the fight, Sean Spears ran into the ring and burst Cody with an unprotected pole to the dome, opening a gash on the back of Cody's head; Cody does not raise his hands during 2019. The MJF immediately ran to the ring and SCU soon followed, as the back of Cody's head was completely covered with blood. Cody sold chairshot as possibly concussion when Dean Malenko and Brandi Rhodes helped him back. The majority of the match was best on average, but the goalkeeper was good and the post-match angle added some intrigue. Grade: C +

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid: Bucks came out as Ken and Ryu, and Omega appeared as Akuma – everything from "Street Fighter;" ring consultant Justin Roberts played the theme by announcing "Round 1 … fight!" to start the fight. Live now.

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