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Actual control of the democratic debate in Miami, night 1

This story will be updated with several facto controls.

The Democrats wishing to challenge Donald Trump to the Presidency took the place of the first debate on the presidential elections in the 2020 election period. Many of them argued that the US economy is not working for people.

The democratic field is so large that only half of the candidates appeared Wednesday; another debate with the rest of the field was scheduled for next night.

Cory Booker: "Overhead for insurance companies they charge is 15%, while Medicare's overhead is only 2%."

Here are some of the candidate's comments, with factual control or additional context. ] This is a mistaken comparison. Booker said the administrative overhead eats much more for private carriers than it does for Medicare, the state insurance program for seniors and disabled people. However, Medicare piggybacks from the Social Security Administration cover expenses for enrollment, payments and keeping track of patients.

Likewise, Medicare is dependent on private providers for some of its programs, and overhead fees are higher. Medicare's overhead is smaller than for private carriers, but the exact figures are scary.

The association of heath Care Plans, the insurance company's trading group, reported in 201

8 that 18.1% of the private health premiums went to non-health care. It includes taxes of 4.7% and profits of 2.3%. Medicare trustees reported that in 2018, total expenditure was $ 740.6 billion. Dollars, with administrative expenses of 9.9 billion. It comes to 1.3%, less than Booker said.

– Jon Greenberg

Amy Klobuchar: "My suggestion is to look at the 2013 bill that passed the Senate with Republican support, to upgrade the bill to do as well as possible and get it done. That brings down the debt by $ 158 billion. "

Klobuchar said" debt, "but the expected savings on the 2013 immigration bill had to do with the deficit. We rated a similar sentence Half True.

Klobuchar referred to a bill written by a group of bipartist senators known as "Gang of Eight." The bill, which passed the Senate and never reached a vote in Parliament, would have given many unconscious immigrants a path to citizenship, extended other forms of legal immigration, and provided a major increase in border security.

When we examined a similar statement made by Klobuchar in February, we found out that she was saying that the federal government found a net positive for the federal budget. But the bill would have reduced future net federal expenses; It would not have reduced the actual debt.

Congress's budget office said the bill would net federal budget deficits by $ 158 billion between 2014 and 2023. But the debt would still have risen, just at a slower rate than it would otherwise have.

– Amy Sherman

Elizabeth Warren: "I spent much of my life studying why families are breaking down, and one of the # 1 reasons is the cost of healthcare, medical bills "Not just for people who do not have insurance. It is for people who have insurance."

Is No. 1 the cause of people breaking with healthcare costs? We have rated similar opinions Half True – partly accurate but lacking in important context.

A 2005 study by Warren co-author and a 2009 paper found that health care was a major cause of personal bankruptcy. But these claims have been challenged, especially from academics suggesting that people can exaggerate the role of medical bills in their financial problems. Other studies suggest a much lesser influence, although it has again been criticized for focusing only on adult admissions.

That said, the research of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau found that medical bills are a leading cause of personal debt – in 2014, the CFPB found that nearly 20% of the credit reports included a medical debt's tradeline.

– Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

Cory Booker: "We have a nation that has more African Americans under criminal control than all the slaves in 1850."

Booker certainly has a point that African-Americans are disproportionately represented in the criminal system, but in his attempt to make this eye-catching comparison in the debate he struck it. He did not specify African American men, so his statement is not correct.

In a Washington Post edition published on March 10, Booker wrote: "Fortunately, there are now more African-American men under criminal control than there were slaves in 1850."

Just like men in an earlier fact – we found out that there were 872,924 male African American slaves over the age of 15 compared to about 1.68 million African American men under state and federal criminal control in 2013.

But If you ignore sex that Booker did in the debate, the number of men, women and children in slavery in 1850 was 3.2 million. And since men (for any race) make up the foliage portion of people in prison or under criminal control, women to the total number do not add to the increased number of criminally monitored nearly as much.

– Louis Jacobson

Amy Klobuchar: "2,500 drug prices have gone up in two digits since Trump joined."

This is correct, according to a report by Farmacon's Benefits Consultants, an industry group that mentions a number of drugs that experience price increases as high as 1,467.73%.

And the numbers are even less flattering than Klobuchar would suggest.

An analysis from the Associated Press showed that more than 4,400 branded prescription drugs experienced price increases between January and July 2018. Meanwhile, data from Rx Savings Solutions found that the list price of more than 3,000 drugs rose this year.

– Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

Cory Booker: "We're not talking enough about how many children, about 30% of LGBTQ children don't go to school because of fear." [19659003] The statistical booker talked about having been in school for at least one day.

It comes from the National School Climate Survey of GLSEN, a national gay and lesbian youth association. GLSEN has been studying youth every two years since 1999.

The study, conducted online between April and August 2017, consisted of about 23,000 students aged between 13 and 21 in all 50 states. The study documents experiences from harassment and attacks as well as school policies and examines the effects of a hostile school climate on educational outcomes and well-being.

"Schools across the country are hostile environments for a worrying number of LGBTQ students, the overwhelming majority who routinely hear anti-LGBTQ languages ​​and experience victims and discrimination in school," the report said. "As a result, many LGBTQ students avoid school activities or no school at all."

The study showed that "34.8% of LGBTQ students missed at least one full school day in the last month because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable, 10.5% missed four or more days in the last month." 19659003] The study found that 18% of the LGBTQ youth left their school because of a hostile environment.

– Amy Sherman

Elizabeth Warren: "Last year's insurance companies sucked $ 23 billion in profits out of health care, $ 23 billion. And it doesn't count the money paid to executives, money used for lobbying Washington. "

We contacted Warren's campaign, which led us to a report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a non-biased group of industry regulators. It supports her assessment.

The report states that the health insurance companies in 2018 amounted to DKK 23.4 billion. Dollars in net earnings or profit compared to DKK 16.1 billion. $ The year before.

This came up with Warrens support to eliminate private insurance under Medicare for the Whole System. But the funding and price tag for such a system is unclear.

– Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

Beto O & # 39; Rourke: Republicans consisted of "a $ 2 billion tax that favored businesses while sitting on record highs of cash and the richest in this country at a time of historical wealth inequality. "

This is pretty much accurate.

In 2018, the non-partial congressional budget office increased its estimate of how much the tax in December 2017 the bill costs from about $ 1.5 trillion to $ 1.9 trillion.

The tax bill lowered the corporation tax rate at a time when the Federal Reserve data showed a record of nearly $ 2.3 trillion in liquid assets of non-financial corporations in the second quarter of 2017.

Regarding the tax bill, the wealthy, the Urban Institute-Brookings Institution Tax Policy Center, that by 2027, the top 1 percent will receive 83 percent of the law's benefits. The number, according to the Center's analysis, would be less early. By 2025, the top 1 percent will get 20 percent to 25 percent of the benefits. But even that proportion suggests a tilt towards richer taxpayers.

On the question of "historical wealth inequality", most measures show a high degree of income inequality in the United States in recent years. In 2016, the GINI coefficient – a measure of how unlike the income distribution is – hit at least as far back as in 1979. And another study of inequality in income from the world inequality database showed that the percentage of income that became taken by the top 1% rose from 10.7% in 1980 to 20.2% in 2014.

– Louis Jacobson

Jay Inslee: "The people who brought us the weekend (were) unions. "

This is pretty much correct.

After several decades of skirmishing over capping regular working days in eight hours, "five-day week claims began to spread in 1919, a year where 4 million US workers went on strike," Priscilla Murolo, a professor of history at Sarah Lawrence College, PolitiFact told 2015. "It was about 20 percent of the industrial workforce."

It signed President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938 for all workers to see the limits of working hours – initially 44 hours a week, then phased to 42 and ultimately 40 in 1940. Then The law was passed in 1938, Saturday's working hours were still common, another work relations expert told us.

Matt Anderson, carrier Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich., Said that while Ford – the founder of Ford Motor Co. – was an early advocate of the five-day week, "the US work organization fought to be adopted more broadly through contract negotiations," said Anderson. "Trade unions deserve a lot of money for the reform."

– Louis Jacobson

John Delaney: "Last year in our country, 80% of the money went to start-ups for 50 counties in this country."

This is basically the money.

Venture capitalists invest in a relatively handful of metropolitan areas. A 2017 study found that "the top five metros – San Francisco, San Jose, New York, Boston and LA – account for more than 70 percent of US venture capital investment."

Add in San Diego, Seattle-Takoma, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Washington and Austin and you come across the 80% mark. It's not exactly a tally of county, but it's pretty close. And it fits the pattern of three states – California, New York and Massachusetts – dominating the venture capital market, according to the National Venture Capital Association.

– Jon Greenberg

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