Jussie Smollett got "SNL" treatment on Saturday night.

(Photo: Paul Beaty, AP)

Jussie Smollett took two comic hits on Saturday night.

First Chris Rock went after him at the NAACP Image Awards.

So "Saturday Night Live" devoted a sketch to how they imagined Smollett meeting with Fox leaders these days.

And it's not flattering.

On the outline, Smollett (played by Chris Redd) is two hours late for the meeting, which his leader (host Sandra Oh) makes excuses, and Fox execs (Kate McKinnon, Mickey Day) and Lee Daniels (Kenan Thompson) become more annoyed by the other.

"Jussie Smollett was a victim!" insist on Oh.

"Oh, thank you", McKinnon says.

Then Redd goes in wearing a red MAGA hat. "Guys, you won't believe what happened to me," Redd says. "I was attacked again!" He immediately digs through a shopping bag containing the Crest White Strips, the letters KKK and a teletubby. "The killer gave me a lot of guides!"

"What killer?" asks a spoiled McKinnon.

"You're still alive, Jussie," retorted another exec, played by Day.

"Only because I was fighting back because I'm gay Mike Tyson," Redd insists.

Oh, as his manager eventually leads him.

The reaction to Twitter after the sketch flight was largely negative.

"Oh man" tweeted @Isirikul.

Tweeter @ lisa_lisab7426 called it "bad taste." [19659023] Not impressed by @SNL shit about Jussie Smollett. In my opinion, it was in bad taste.

– ili 🌸 Lili B 🌸🌿 (@ lisa_lisab7426) March 31, 2019