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25 Prime Day Deals for Your Adult Summer Adventures

Last summer sucked. We stayed inside and video chatted with our loved ones and waited for some karaoke or at least an estimate of normalcy. This year, thanks to Covid-19 vaccines finally available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced relaxed masking guidelines, and summer travel is picking up. Instead of staying home and trying to find a thermometer in stock or scouring the net to save money on hand cleaners, we are finally starting to get out of our Netflix stupor and socialize without so much distance. We have put together offers to help with just that.

Note: We break through items that are sold out or price increase upon publication. We update this article, but discounts sometimes return quickly, so be sure to check it out yourself. Our choices come from our team̵

7;s experience in reviewing products and research. You need a subscription to Amazon prime to get the most out of these deals.

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This JBL Boombox is getting pretty loud

Photo: JBL

The newer version of this made our list of the best Bluetooth speakers, but we still like the original, especially at this price. The JBL Boombox packs a punch – convenient for beach-bound bass heads – and the battery lasts for an entire day. It’s $ 5 cheaper than the previous best price we’ve seen.

The fun design of this gadget earned it a spot on our best Bluetooth speaker survey. The price is also really good – approx. $ 70 cheaper than the second best we’ve seen. The built-in handle makes it perfect for parties, especially when you jump from room to room and play songs that make you nostalgic. (Does anyone else do it after a few beers?)

If you are hosting friends or family in your house during the summer, this countertop is handy. It’s like a fancy, futuristic Crock-Pot. It has several features, such as Pressure cooking and sautéing and sufficient capacity to feed up to six people. I (Louryn) use mine to make rice and mashed potatoes quickly. These tend to be sold during major shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday.

Going viral on TikTok or shooting a great Instagram story will be a lot easier using this gimbal. It stabilizes your smartphone so you can take shake-free movies, no matter how bad your caffeine tremor is. It even has smart features like active object tracking and the ability to switch between portrait and landscape orientation with a single touch of a button. While you can use it as a monopod, the built-in stand can support your phone on a table or other flat surface. We have not tried this specific model, but we like other stabilizing equipment from DJI.

We are not usually in favor of fast fashion. But for your first pandemic summer barbecue, we want to make an exception for this truly amazing pineapple-sprung Hawaiian shirt.

This is also a good price for this binoculars that you can use to catch the Perseids or go bird breeding this summer. This set comes within $ 5 of the best deal we have seen for them. The binoculars are good for beginners and intermediate users. The set comes with everything you need to get started. You can also get this second pair for $ 88, though the price is not as enticing compared to previous discounts.

No camping excursion, snake adventure or sporting event is complete without the help of a cooler. This one is both cheap and small. It has enough space for six cans plus ice cream, making it a better option for a trip to the park or a parade than for a multi-person multi-day trip. Other, larger Coleman coolers are also for sale today.

Fitbit Sense Fitness Tracker

Photo: Fitbit

This is cheaper than the previous historical low price of $ 50. Fitbit Sense is a skilled laptop that can keep track of your stress level, oxygen level in the blood and much more. Read our in-depth review for details on everything it measures. Our favorite gym, the Fitbit Charge 4, is also on sale for $ 100, though not technically a Prime Day deal. Either would be a good companion for training in the summer.

The Garmin Fenix ​​6S Pro (8/10, WIRED recommends) is the best outdoor fitness tracker. It is comfortable and not too bulky, and the watch has features like user-friendly cards and intelligent power management to ensure that you can continue to use most of the features even when you are completely off the grid. You can also save on Garmin Venu (on sale for $ 220, the best price). It got an honorable mention in our guide.

One thing neither of us missed about not going to the gym? Gets colds or flu after touching the same surfaces as all the strangers. We may be fishing with herbal immunity support, but Nuun’s tablets do not taste as green as many other supplements. The electrolytes can also help you rehydrate after an intense workout. These Airborne Elderberry + Zinc Gummies are also tasty (and for sale).

CamelBak is known for its hydration bladders, but the brand also manufactures solid water bottles. This is designed to fit seamlessly into most bike cages (even if you could use it when not cycling). It’s easy to squeeze in and has a lifetime warranty, and the Prime Day award is a match with the lowest we’ve seen. For more, see our collection of the best recyclable water bottles and best bike accessories.

Is your kiddo ready to drop the training wheels? Keep their noggin safe using this discounted bike helmet. It is available in a few colors, none of which are sold very often. Just be sure to measure your head and see the company size chart. For older adult helmet recommendations, this guide can help.

Briggs & Riley baseline

Photo: Amazon

Briggs & Riley bags are expensive, but they are long-term investments. Senior editor Adrienne So has been pulling her around the world for more than 10 years without fail. This two-wheeled hand luggage contains a built-in clothing bag that allows you to fold suits, shirts and jackets without as much curl as if you had just folded or rolled them up.

I do not care what anyone says: Sleeping on the ground stinks. It seems that no matter how well you sweep the area of ​​rocks and twigs, something always manages to sting you in the back while you try to rest. I (Louryn) swear by self-inflating camping blocks, especially for car camping. They are like air mattresses, which means you will keep an eye out for leaks, but they make it much easier to sleep outside. They roll up compactly and require very little effort to inflate, even when it is dark outside.

Sony WH-1000XM4

Photo: Sony

Do you miss the crazy noise from airports and train stations? Nor do we. The Sony WH-1000MX4 (9/10, WIRED recommends) are the best wireless headphones. This is a very good selling price. In fact, we have not tracked a low price for this model. With active noise reduction and impressive call quality plus 30 hours of battery life, this is a great choice if you are in the market for new headphones.

Contigo’s recyclable mugs are great for camping, car rides or chugging caffeine while working from a local park. These keep drinks warm for five hours and cold for up to 12, and they are easy to use with one hand. AutoSeal lids prevent ships from leaking.


Photo: Amazon

It would not be Prime Day without a LifeStraw deal – for some inexplicable reason, WIRED readers really seem to love these discounts, which do not show up too often. This year you can get two straws for half the normal price. These have a cult feel, probably because they are so simple to use. The straw’s built-in filter cuts out 99 percent of coarse bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt and other rubbish. Stash them in your zombie apocalypse bag or hiking pack so you will be able to stay hydrated without worrying about anything (except the zombies).

Are you planning to document a car trip or a family reunion? Make sure you do not run out of space with this super fast solid state drive. Although not yet featured on our site coverage, a couple of our Gear team members have used this and loved it. It has lightning-fast download speeds so you can easily back up videos or photos on the go, and it works just as reliably as SanDisk’s other storage gadgets. This Prime Day deal is a match with the best price we have tracked.

Entertainment and offers for children

Kindle Paperwhite

Photo: Amazon

This is the best Kindle for most people. It’s $ 5 cheaper than we’ve seen before. This is the model with ads; you can choose the version without ads, but it is a bit more expensive. Kindle ads tend to be tasteful and discreet, and they never appear while you are actually reading. However, if you do not want to see them on your lock screen, you can always upgrade the software to get rid of them. This ereader has a built-in backlight, a super long battery life and a paper-like screen that does not strain your eyes like other screens can. When you take a Kindle on a plane, you never go back to analog books. The waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is also for sale, as is the luxurious Kindle Oasis.

For older kids who do not need toddler-like instruction, but who also do not need a smartphone with internet, the Fire HD 8 Pro Kids Edition is worth a look. It’s faster than other Amazon Fire tablets with a better screen and more apps available. However, you are not sacrificing parental control or a two-year warranty. Check out our Fire Tablet Buying Guide for more information, and keep in mind that there are many other Prime Day Amazon device deals.

Nothing says summer, like friendship bracelets. This set costs only $ 10, and while it is usually quite affordable, the Prime Day price is a match with other low temperatures we have tracked. It includes a bunch of embroidery thread, a plastic clip and beginner-friendly instructions. Added bonus: Exploding your summer camp flossing skills will definitely impress your cool niece or nephew.

Cross the dodgeball with a card game and you have the throwing Burrito. This is the exterior version of the classic version – burritos are bigger, more ornate and burritos. If you’ve ever wanted to peel something on your loved ones, all in good sportsmanship, you’ll probably have fun playing this during the summer.

Every parent fears this: At some point between week two and six of the summer holidays, your child will track you down and say, “I’m bored!” This spirograph set should help entertain them. It comes with several different gears plus pens, paper, a guidebook and a storage case that has a built-in work surface. It is often sold, but rarely so low.

Yes, it’s from a random brand, and the reviews are slightly mixed, but it’s a slip too! And the price is better than Amazon has previously offered. It measures 16 meters long and has a built-in sprinkler. It even includes two boogie sheets to prevent the awful plastic slip. In case of doubt, you can always go analog and buy a reduced tarpaulin.

This is the best price for one of the coolest Lego sets ever. It’s a difficult one, but it looks great when it’s finished, and it can provide a great family raining activity. (OK, maybe a rainy week, considering there are almost 1,000 pieces.) This is part of a larger Prime Day Lego sale.

You did not live until you pulled an all-nighter that sees all three expanded Lord of the Rings film back to back to back. This is the lowest price Amazon has offered for this box set, which includes a digital code as well as bonus content in addition to Blu-ray discs. Your summer sleep is getting a lot more nerdy.

If you want to check out more deals yourself, there are some links for sale going on this week.

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